Based solely on recent history, you’d think the engineers at Kawasaki are strong believers of the “bigger is better” philosphy. You need only look at the Ninja ZX-6R which shook off the shackles of the 600cc supersport segment with a 636cc displacement, then came the Ninja 300 replacing the 250.

New spy photos from Indonesia, however suggest there’s still room for smaller engines from Team Green. Jakarta-based blog uncovered images of a new single-cylinder Kawasaki sportbike prototype. Unfortunately, all of the spy photos were shot from the rear, but the intrepid spy photographer was able to provide additional details.

123113-single-cylinder-kawasaki-ninja-indonesia-spy-2The white license plate indicates the motorcycle is a prototype, and the photographer says the fairing is disguised with tape. Nevertheless, the tail appears identical to the 2013 Kawasaki Ninja 300 and 250.  The exhaust is new however, with a much smaller opening than the larger models.

The spy photographer, identified only as “Restu”, reports the engine has a single cylinder but with a similar engine cover as the twin-cylinder 250. Restu also says the instrument panel is fully-digital however, and not the analog/digital dash found on the Ninja 300 and 250. Other details include a single eye-shaped headlight (likely similar to the previous-generation Ninja 250) and ABS.

Kawasaki already produces a 149cc Ninja RR for Indonesia (pictured below), but that model uses a two-stroke engine and has a carburetor. The test mule however uses a four-stroke engine that is likely fuel-injected.


Kawasaki currently offers a two-stroke 149cc sportbike in Indonesia called the Ninja RR.

It’s unlikely we’ll see this smaller single-cylinder Ninja in western markets, considering how successful the 300 and 250 models have been for Kawasaki. For Indonesia and other Pacific markets, it will find a niche, likely as a replacement to the two-stroke model.