Kawasaki revealed a new 250cc Ninja for the Asian market featuring a single-cylinder engine. Called the Kawasaki Ninja RR Mono or 250SL (depending on the market), the single-cylinder model offers a bit less power and more torque than the parallel-Twin Ninja 250 but weighs 46 pounds lighter.

We first saw spy photos of the new mini-Ninja undergoing testing late last year, but now we can see the finished product. The RR Mono has a different frame than the Ninja 250 and 300, with bodywork that looks a bit more like the ZX-6R. The single-cylinder model has a single headlight like the last-generation 250.

Kawasaki 250SL RR Mono

The engine is a liquid-cooled fuel-injected 249cc Single with a 72.0mm bore and 61.2 mm stroke. Kawasaki claims 27.6 hp at 9700 rpm and 16.7 ft-lb. at 8200 rpm from the 250SL, compared to the Twin’s 31.5 hp at 11000 rpm and 15.5 ft-lb at 10000 rpm. The RR Mono also has a claimed weight of 332.9 pounds compared to the Ninja 250’s claimed weight of 379.2 pounds (ABS adds two pounds to the RR Mono’s weight but 4.4 pounds to the Ninja 250), which means the two models have a very similar power-to-weight ratio.

The Ninja 250SL’s engine is mounted in a all-new steel trellis frame Kawasaki says offers a slim nimbleness similar to the 150cc two-stroke Ninja RR which the new model replaces in Kawasaki’s Indonesian lineup.

Kawasaki 250SL RR Mono

Suspension is provided by a 37mm telescopic fork and five-setting preload adjustable monoshock with a Uni-trak linkage system. The braking system is comprised of two-piston calipers gripping the 263mm front disc and 193mm rear disc. The ten-spoke wheels are similar to those on the Ninja 250 and 300, but Kawasaki says they are about a pound lighter. The Mono’s tires are also smaller, with a 100/80-17 rubber up front and a 130/70-17 at the rear.

At the moment, the Kawasaki 250SL (or RR Mono) has only been confirmed for the Asian market. The differences are enough that Kawasaki will offer it alongside the Ninja 250 Twin, but it’s not likely to come to western markets where Kawasaki offers the Ninja 300 instead.

Kawasaki 250SL RR Mono

[Source: Kawasaki]