Motorcycle taxi innovator World Moto has filed a patent for technology that could display advertisements on motorcycle wheels. The technology, which the company calls “Wheelies” allows both static and streaming media to display on spinning motorcycle wheels, turning them into moving billboards.

Thailand-based World Moto is best known for introducing the Moto-Meter, the world’s first taxi meter designed for motorcycles. The technology has helped to standardize the motorcycle taxi industry in Asia by providing an accurate and durable way to measure fare rates.

World Moto’s Wheelies technology will give motorcycle taxi operators another potential source of revenue through advertising. Wheelies can show both video and still images, and can be set up to display specific content at different times and locations, or when manually controlled by the rider. The technology could also potentially be available for regular consumers who wish to customize their wheels with digital images.

The company will demonstrate its new technology Nov. 14-17 at the Digital Sign Asia 2013 trade expo in Bangkok, Thailand.

[Source: World Moto]