Suzuki is recalling 2004-2013 GSX-R600 and GSX-R750 sportbikes as well as GSX-R1000 models from 2005-2013 because of a problem with their front brake master cylinders.

As of publication, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has not officially announced any recalls because of the federal government work stoppage, but notices have been sent out to dealerships across the U.S. Meanwhile, the Australian Competition & Consumer Commission has posted a recall, and we expect to see further news to come from other markets.

According to the ACCC, corrosion may develop between the brake piston and return spring due to a lack of adequate surface treatment. The corrosion may increase the acidity of the brake fluid, generating a gas which could affect front brake lever control. In such a situation, the lever may develop a spongy feeling along with reduced front brake performance.


A general manager of a Suzuki dealership in Lawton, Okla., posted a copy of the notice on the forum corroborating the information in the Australian recall. According to the notice, servicing information will be released in a technical service bulletin the week of Oct. 28. Dealers are expected to have the necessary parts to replace the master cylinders on affected units by Nov. 4.

It’s not clear at this time how many units are affected, but judging from the number of model years included, we expect the figure will be high.

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