Beta, the Italian brand known for its off-road and trials bikes has just released its lineup of 2014 RS dual-sport motorcycles.

Three different engine displacements are available — 400cc, 450cc and 520cc — with the major design focus going towards weight reduction, revised ergonomics and better, more nimble handling. To do that, nearly every aspect of the new machines has been combed over by Beta engineers.

Starting with the engines, each one receives a new spark arrestor, air filter and cooling fan kit. A new decompression system provides easy starts in any condition, and the 400cc model sees a shortened primary drive for enhanced power delivery.

To meet the handling goals, the entire chassis has been revised. The frame is the same reinforced and lightened unit used on the RR models. Wheels and brakes are all-new, with the latter featuring a new profile, steel construction and six mounting points to the hub, which itself has gone on a diet. Spokes and rims are also new designs, and between both front and rear wheels, Beta claims a weight reduction of 3.2 pounds; a benefit in all aspects of performance.

On the suspension side, a 48mm Sachs fork uses a .48kg spring and rebound adjustment can now be made with a knob instead of a tool. The rear shock uses a 5.4kg spring and a larger reservoir for better control of the shock’s action. The shock body itself is now aluminum, shaving 0.5-pound.

Ergonomically, the RS line features a new fuel tank and seat. The former places lowers the bike’s center of gravity, while the overall shape works in conjunction with the seat to allow better rider movement. The quick-release design is now has a more stable mounting.

After the laundry list of engine and chassis improvements, the big news for the new RS line is an industry-first Trail Tech Voyager GPS unit as standard equipment. Residing where the usual gauge cluster normally sits, the Trail Tech Voyager shows GPS speed, distance, compass, altitude and temperature, just to name a few. It can also organize, edit and share entire trail systems in 3D.

Beta’s BYOB (Build Your Own Beta) program returns for 2014 with more options added. The program has proven successful as 30% of Beta’s sold in the US market have been through the BYOB program. Beta’s BYOB RS models will be available for purchase on the BYOB program in early September, while 2014 RS Models will arrive at dealer’s showrooms in October.

Prices are as follows:

400 RS        $9599.00
450 RS        $9699.00
520 RS        $9799.00