We first heard about Maryland-based Blue Infusion Technologies last November when company founder Willie Blount started a Kickstarter campaign to fund its BearTek gloves which use built-in controls that allow a rider to operate Bluetooth-compatible phones and media devices by just touching your fingers with your thumb.

A few months later, the BearTek gloves impressed us enough, Content Editor Tom Roderick listed it as one of the best, most innovative new products at the 2013 Dealer Expo. The BearTek gloves are now ready to enter the mass market, so customers will soon get a chance to see what the hype is about.

BEARTek stands for Bluetooth Enabled Audio Regulation Technol0gy. The gloves use a Bluetooth module connected to six integrated touchpoints running along the fingers and an activation touchpoint in the thumb. After pairing the gloves to a Bluetooth device, riders can answer phone calls or operate music player controls with the touch of a finger without having to take your hands far away from the handlebars.

“As a motorcyclist, it has always been difficult to operate my cell phone or music device without having to move my hands from the handlebars of my bike,” says Blount, inventor, founder and chief executive officer of Blue Infusion Technologies. “BearTek Gloves provide motorcyclists the convenience and safety of operating my iPhone with simple finger touches on the glove.”

Even without the technology, the BearTek gloves offer protection for your hands. The high tensile-strength nylon gloves are a full guantlet design covering the wrists. The fingers are pre-curved and the knuckles are protected by carbon fiber guards.

The BearTek gloves will be available online at Beartekgloves.com in September.

[Source: Blue Infusion Technologies]