The One Motorcycle Show is fast becoming the bike show for those who hate bike shows. Originally started in Portland, Oregon, this show attracts garage mechanics who enjoy getting their hands dirty building one-of-a-kind motorcycles for nobody else’s approval but their own. The point is to create a motorcycle show for motorcyclists, by motorcyclists. And to help promote this sense of community around The One Motorcycle, the show is free to attend and exhibit, and the founders intend to keep that way.

Attendance has been steadily growing since the first show four years ago, and 2013 saw the show’s first expansion, to Austin, Texas for MotoGP weekend. The decision was a smart one, as it was a well supported event, both from entrants and guests alike. And in case you missed it, the video above, courtesy of Revival Cycles, is the next closest thing to actually seeing all the bikes in person. Also, check out the huge gallery at for more pictures.