On June 3rd, Moto-Electra, one of the pioneers in electric motorcycle technology, will attempt to break the world record for electric vehicles in a cross-continent ride spanning over 2500 miles.

 The motorcycle? Moto-Electra’s signature electric bike based on the Norton Featherbed chassis that was patented in 1949. So there is a bit of old mixed with the new. It will be outfitted as a replica to the John Player Norton, and painted to resemble the one raced by Dave Aldana.

Starting in Jacksonville, Florida, the team hope to make it to Santa Monica, California in just three days. IceWarp, a team sponsor, will handle communication and media support.

“We will travel from the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific Ocean using only the batteries in the vehicle,” explained Brian Richardson, the manager of Moto-Electra Racing. “The event will conclude on the Santa Monica Pier in California.  The race is against the clock and the motorcycle will be ridden by Thad Wolff, one of the great AMA Superbike racers of the 1980’s.”

Of course, the biggest hurdle facing any vehicle, gas or electric, when faced with a challenge like this is range. To that end, Moto-Electra predicts the journey will require around 20 pit stops, where a support crew comprised of students from James Madison University will recharge the bike via generator. Assuming only 20 stops are needed, that equates to roughy 125 miles per charge. And since the goal is to reach the Pacific Ocean in three days, the average speed won’t be a crawling pace, either.

Richardson understands many potential owners of electric motorcycles are afflicted with range anxiety. He’s using this trip to show them they have nothing to worry about. “Our goal is to challenge perceptions about the useful range of electric vehicles, and set a world record in the process.”

The support vehicle for the ride is outfitted with an iPad-based IceWarp Messaging Server that provides native support for iPad that includes integrated Microsoft Active Sync. The combination allows real-time communication between the team, its supporters and fans regardless of what devices they are using, as long as they are based on universal standards.

Racing technology enthusiasts can send e-mails directly to Moto-Electra team at [email protected] and get high resolution pictures signed by Thad Wolff.