Creating a continuous flow of motorcycle videos ain’t easy. Finding the balance between excitement, fun and entertainment while also delivering usable information about the bikes being reviewed in a five-minute-or-less timeframe poses enormous challenges.

None of the MO editors are actors. First and foremost we’re motorcyclists. Secondly we’re journalists trained to write coherent, well-structured prose while maintaining the codes of ethics, objectivity and accuracy taught to us in college. Modern media practices have thrust us into the camera’s spotlight adding the title Broadcast Journalist to our resumes.

So, we sometimes inadvertently tap the fuel tank while speaking, say “um” too many times or occasionally mispronounce names, but we’re always striving to better our performances.

The quality of our videos for 2012 has surpassed previous year’s efforts and we’re proud of our accomplishments. After recording nearly 24,000,000 total video views on our YouTube channel, we thought we’d take this opportunity to showcase the top videos of 2012.