Zero Motorcycles is offering two new police-spec electric motorcycles for law enforcement agencies and security companies for 2013. The Santa Cruz, Calif., company has been supplying police versions of Zero DS in 2012 (following an initial trial in 2011 in Scotts Valley, Calif.) with but 2013, the company is adding a new model based on the Zero S.

The 2013 Zero S Police/Security joins the Zero DS Police/Security after Zero saw demand for a pure street-based police bike in addition to a dual sport model. Both models are based on the 2013 consumer versions, which Zero claims are 93% more powerful than the 2012 models with 62% more torque. Equipped with the ZF11.4 powerpack, Zero claims a combined highway and city range of 74 miles from the DS and a combined range of 102 miles for the S model. Both police models are available with the ZF8.5 powerpack which provides a claimed combined range of 69 miles for the DS and 77 miles for the S.

“After seeing the success the 2012 model had in the field, we decided to expand our 2013 police and security offerings. To have the support of so many different law enforcement agencies and security organizations is an incredible honor,” says John Lloyd, vice president of global sales for Zero Motorcycles. “As we stated last year, police officers put their lives on the line every day to protect and serve, so it’s imperative that we give them all the tools necessary to allow them to be successful. The 2013 Police and Security line-up does that exceptionally well.”

The police versions adds an emergency lighting harness, four-way emergency flasher system, programmable sirens with PA and microphones, battery and frame protection bars and a headlight/taillight cut switch and harness. Zero offers two options for lighting: red and blue LED lights for police and amber lights for security companies.

Available options include a detachable windscreen, hand guards, 21-liter hard cases, top box, heated seat, heated grips, auxiliary rear LED lighting and a telesecoping pole with blue LED lighting.

Both the Zero S Police/Security and Zero DS Police/Security models are priced at $17,945 with the ZF8.5 powerpack and $19,945 with the ZF11.4 powerpack.

[Source: Zero]