Zero Motorcycles has announced a new model designed for military use. The 2013 Zero MMX was designed specifically for the U.S. Special Operations Forces who could take advantage of a silent-running vehicle capable of moving rapidly over rough terrain.

The MMX is based on the Zero MX but was developed under contract with the U.S. military to add a number of features not available on the civilian model. An undisclosed number of Zero MMX models are currently undergoing full operational testing.

The Zero MMX uses a keyless ignition system for quick departures, integrated wiring for front and rear infrared systems, a switchable headlight for running stealthily at night, a safety override switch and reserve power capabilities. The MMX also offers improved water protection so it can continue to operate even when submersed in up to a meter of water.


Zero also equipped the military bike with hand guards, more aggressive footpegs and tie-down eyelets with integrated tow cable and rear seat strap.

The MMX uses the same powertrain components as the civilian model. Like the MX, the MMX uses either a single-module ZF2.8 pack or a  two-module ZF5.7 pack. According to Zero, the ZF2.8 produces 27 hp and 68 ft-lb. while the ZF5.7 increases the maximum power output to 54 hp.

The powerpacks  can be swapped in or out in under a minute, regardless of state of charge. Zero claims a charge time of 2.7 hours for the ZF2.8 pack using a standard charger and 4.9 hours for the ZF5.7. A quick-charger reduces the charge time to 1.6 hours and 2.7 hours, respectively. Alternatively, a CHAdeMO charger can be used to further improve the charge time for either powerpack to 1.5 hours.

“It was a very rewarding experience for the Zero team to go through such an exacting development process. The military needed a very specific set of core features on the MMX, and we were incredibly thankful to work side-by-side with them to deliver such a unique product,” says Abe Askenazi, Chief Technology Officer for Zero Motorcycles. “The great news for our civilian customers is that we made the decision to incorporate into our 2013 MX, FX and XU retail motorcycles virtually all of the powertrain enhancements associated with satisfying this project’s stringent military requirements. Our 2013 product is truly ‘military grade’!”

[Source: Zero]