The Royal Malaysian Police has upgraded its motorcycle patrol squad with a fleet of police-spec 2013 Kawasaki Ninja 250 sportbikes.

The law agency’s Unit Rondaan Bermotosikal (Malaysian for motorcycling patrol unit) will receive 1000 units of the Ninja 250 which received a substantial update for 2013. Essentially, it’s the same as the Kawasaki Ninja 300 with ABS and fuel injection but with a 249cc engine.

The URB will use the Kawasaki Ninjas to patrol different hotspots around the country. The URB received an initial batch of 560 Ninjas from a total 1000 on order, and had a parade to celebrate the new fleet a few weeks ago (video below).

The Ninjas are in addition to Royal Malaysian Police’s existing vehicle fleet which includes the Honda ST1300 and the Can-Am Spyder and other vehicles.

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[Source: Royal Malaysian Police, KAKI Superbike (Facebook)