Last week, Transport Canada issued a recall on the 2013 BMW C600 Sport due to a risk of the scooter’s side fairings coming loose at high speeds. The recall has now reached the U.S., with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration also announcing a recall.

According to documents released by NHTSA, the three “snap-lock” fasteners securing the left and right side trim panels may not have sufficient strength to hold the fairing in place at speeds higher than 100 mph. If a BMW C600 Sport were to maintain such a high speed, the fairing panels may completely separate from the frame, potentially hitting the rider and/or passenger or increasing the risk of a crash. At 100 mph, the fairing could become flying shrapnel and pose a danger to other road users.

The recall only affects the C600 Sport and not the C650 GT which has a completely different fairing design.

BMW first became aware of a problem in October during wind tunnel testing on a C600 Sport, where a side panel came loose and eventually fell off. BMW replaced the fasteners with stronger ones and re-tested the scooter in November and found no problems.

Authorized BMW dealers will remove the original snap-lock fasteners from the recalled scooters and install the new stronger fasteners. The recall campaign affects 266 units in the U.S.

[Source: NHTSA]