BMW‘s maxi-scooters have only just started going on sale in North America and already there’s a recall for the 2013 BMW C600 Sport in Canada.

According to Transport Canada, the fairing side panels on certain BMW C600 Sport scooters can loosen and detach while moving at very high speeds. In such a situation, the detached fairing poses a hazard to the rider and passenger as well as other vehicles and bystanders.

At the moment, only the C600 Sport is included in the recall. The BMW C650GT is not included at the moment. The GT has a different fairing than the Sport, so it may not have any similar issues. The recall is also only announced for Canada, but a U.S. recall may soon follow from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

Canadian BMW dealers will check the recalled units and replace the fairing side panel fasteners. The Transport Canada recall affects 58 scooters.

UPDATE: I spoke to several BMW spokespeople at the Toronto Motorcycle Show and they confirmed the recall only applies to the C600 Sport and not the C650GT. They also say the problem occurs at speeds higher than 160 kph (99 mph).

[Source: Transport Canada recall #2012404]