File this one under priceless, perfectly timed photography.

VP Joe Biden was recently stomping the political trail this past week, and popped into Cruisers Diner in Seaman, Ohio, for — ahem — a nibble, it seems.

According to the Associated Press, Biden was swapping rhetoric with customers, eventually seating himself among a group of bikers, the somewhat ruffian-looking, leather clad-type.

A lady biker was admiring Biden’s presence when the VP flagged her over. However, there wasn’t a spare seat, ergo ol’ Joe invited her to saddle up to his, eh, chair/lap. As the veep leaned into biker lady’s personal space to better chat with her (my dear) the AP photog snapped the above awesome photo. The pic is so good it almost looks staged.

The AP report didn’t mention the name of the motorcycle club which these fine Midwestern folks are members of, but neither of the big guys flanking Biden — one of which apparently goes by the name Troll according to the patch on his vest — look terribly pleased with Biden whispering sweet nothings. It’s clear from this image that Joe knows nothing of biker etiquette, particularly the part about another biker’s woman.

We’re not sure if the biker dudes are Demos or Repubs, but judging by the eye daggers flying Biden’s way we’ll bet he’s glad he’s got Obamacare on his side, just in case.