Top 10 Custom Bikes at V-Twin Expo 2012A high-end bike show is a barometer for the latest and hippest trends in motorcycle customization. From what we saw at Cincinnati’s V-Twin Expo, the current custom trend is undoubtedly dominated by slammed baggers with huge front wheels. Like any trend in fashion, the “next big thing” is usually the opposite of what was popular in years past, and that point is proven by the overwhelming abandonment of fat-tired choppers popular only a few, short seasons ago.

Instead of beating our readers over the head with the latest trend, we picked a few bikes that would have fit into that category, but we also showcase other forms of beauty. Some are over the top in some way, while some show a practical side or something racing-inspired with records to prove it. You may not agree with all these picks, but it would be hard to deny that each bike is interesting!