If there’s one thing Ducati’s good at doing, (well, besides building motorcycles that is), it’s making the showroom premieres of its newest models an event.

That holds true with the North American dealership premieres of Ducati‘s newest Monster, the flagship of the company’s naked roadster lineup, the Ducati Monster 1100EVO.

The Ducati Monster 1100EVO, now listed as Ducati’s first 2012 model, arrives in participating showrooms across the United States and Canada May 27-28.

The new EVO-lved version of the M1100 is the first air-cooled Ducati to claim over 100hp. The Ducati Monster 1100EVO also got a new tail section, revised suspension, a slipper clutch and the new Ducati Safety Pack (traction control and ABS brakes).

As Pete Brissette writes in his review of the Ducati Monster 1100EVO: “all the updates on the EVO only serve to make a bike we liked before even better.”

The most impressive thing is Ducati has priced the Monster 1100EVO at $11,995, the same MSRP as the 2010 base Ducati Monster 1100.

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Press release after the jump.

Cupertino, Calif. (23 May 2011) – Ducati North America is excited to announce the showroom premiere of the much-anticipated Monster 1100EVO, which will take place May 27-28.

The Monster 1100EVO showroom premiere will be the official launch weekend for Ducati’s flagship Monster- the first 2012 model to enter production. Participating dealers throughout the United States and Canada will host events, give demo rides and introduce fans to the first air-cooled Ducati to reach the 100hp milestone.

While at the premiere, dealer guests will have the opportunity to examine the key features of the Monster 1100EVO; including a redesigned tail section, new exhaust routing, a race-derived slipper clutch, revised suspension, and an MSRP of only $11,995. Significantly, the Monster 1100EVO marks the debut of the new “Ducati Safety Pack,” which features the Ducati Traction Control system and ABS brakes.

The Monster 1100EVO has been hailed in the media, described as: “firing forward with a force that makes a mockery of the 100bhp output, partly because the bike is very light but simply because this is one of the few bikes that makes most of its urge at speeds normal riders use on normal roads. It can be ferociously quick in fact, yet it’s so obedient with such a liquid output you just don’t want to stop.”

At this weekend’s showroom premiere the Monster 1100EVO will begin to attack North American roads. For a list of participating dealers and more information about the 2012 Monster 1100EVO; please visit www.ducatiusa.com.