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AMA Awards Motorcyclist of the Year to its Most Harmful Opponent

Taking notes from a liberal progressive organization, the ordinarily conservative American Motorcyclist Association has decided to export some good old passive aggression from its humble offices in Ohio back to California. Specifically, the AMA has named Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger as its Motorcyclist of the Year. Why? Because he did more damage to the industry than […]

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RSVP from an RSV4

Aprilia’s RSV4 Factory has to be one of the most interesting and adrenaline-inducing literbikes around, and that’s just part of why we gave it an Honorable Mention in our Best of 2010 Sportbike category. We recently had opportunity to put on a poor but passing Max Biaggi imitation with one particularly fine example. This RSV […]

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Could This Innovative New Light Save Your Life?

Everyone knows brake lights are to alert drivers behind you, but what about when you roll off the throttle, and tailgating drivers fail to notice your decreasing rate of speed? Would you like them to know you’re decelerating, rather than potentially becoming another statistic? Nikkos Designs of Fort Myers, Fla. has a deceleration-sensing Safety Light […]

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