Proof once again that maybe we shouldn’t have revolted in 1776 after all? The British have their priorities in order. Despite all the work on his golf game, Donald Trump is not in the running. Wait, he’s not even British. Straight-shooting tennis star and the first Brit to win Wimbledon since 1935, Andy Murray won the prestigious BBC award for the last two years running – as well as 2013.

For 2017, Jonathan Rea, the only man to ever win three straight World Superbike championships, will duke it out with 11 other UK stars, including multi-time F1 champ Lewis Hamilton and a bunch of boxers, speed skaters, swimmers, cricketers and assorted people I’ve never heard of. Because America. If JR pulls it off, he’ll be the first motorcycle racer to win the BBC award since John Surtees in 1959.

It’ll all be decided on BBC One Sunday, December 17. The rules say you need to be a resident of the UK to vote, but we all know how popular voter fraud is round these parts. Get the full scoop over here at BBC Sport online.