EICMA 2013: 2014 Zero Motorcycles Street Lineup

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Zero Motorcycles made two big announcements for its 2014 street model lineup during this, the second day of EICMA 2013. First is the introduction of the Z-Force Power Tank accessory that allows riders on a Zero S or Zero DS to travel up to 171 miles in the city or 88 miles on the highway.

A dealer-installed accessory which requires the installation of new bodywork, the $2495 Z-Force Power Tank option is an auxiliary 2.8kWh battery mounted into the storage cavity normally found on the S and DS. Yes, this means giving up that valued storage space, but in return you’ll get greatly improved range. It can be installed during or after purchase of a S or DS model.

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However, the big news is the introduction of the all-new Zero SR, a sport-oriented version of the Zero S, which boasts 56% higher torque and 24% more power, equating to 67 hp and 106 ft-lbs of torque. Zero says it can achieve 0-60 mph in 3.3 seconds and top out at 102 mph. Price is set at $16,995.

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With more power, a wider rear tire, and a new suspension package, we’re looking forward to the day we can get our knee down at a racetrack with the Zero SR.

A new 660-amp motor controller (compared to the 420-amp unit in the standard S) utilizes higher temperature magnets in the motor to reach these improved power figures. Battery power is the 11.4kWh unit available on the S, and since the SR is based on the S, it too can benefit from the Z-Force Power Tank accessory to achieve 171 city, or 88 highway miles. Without it, the 11.4kWh battery pack in the S and SR achieve 137 miles in the city and 70 highway miles at 70 mph.

The Zero SR, as well as the entire lineup — which is now streamlined to the S, SR, DS, and FX — receives a host of other improvements as well. Starting with the suspension, each model gets an upgrade to 43mm inverted forks and a recalibrated shock. All models get a larger 240mm rear brake disc, and the FX gets the same size disc in front. S and DS models retain the same 313mm front disc seen last year.

All models receive a new, more robust head tube and swingarm pivot design, accompanied by new bearings in each location — both said to improve rigidity. The S and SR receive a 140-series rear tire for a wider contact patch, and Zero says ground clearance for the S model is improved over last year, which should prove a benefit for those canyon carvers out there.

Billed as the ultimate city bike and hooligan machine, the Zero FX easily has enough power to loft the front tire in the air. For 2014, it gets a new headlight and a reshaped seat to fit a passenger. Strangely, passenger pegs cost extra.

Billed as the ultimate city bike and hooligan machine, the Zero FX easily has enough power to loft the front tire in the air. For 2014, it gets a new headlight and a reshaped seat to fit a passenger. Strangely, passenger pegs cost extra.

The dash has been completely redesigned on all models and now features a high contrast, blue backlit LCD screen, now showing useful statistics that allows users to better understand their state of charge. They can also see their current performance profile and view other useful riding information. New custom riding mode settings allow riders to set their own performance profile in addition to the factory preset “sport” and “eco” riding modes — all done from the Zero Motorcycles App on your smartphone. Lastly, a new and more ergonomic right-hand switch assembly features an integrated switch to toggle on the fly between eco, sport, and custom riding modes.

Finally, the Zero FX gets a bit of a makeover for 2014. Gone is the boring, single headlight of before, replaced with a sleek dual projector beam unit with an integrated fly screen. The seat has been redesigned for better ergonomics and to better integrate with the bodywork. It now includes a passenger section, but there’s a catch: passenger pegs are an optional accessory, meaning you have to pay extra for them.

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See below for pricing for each model, bearing in mind these prices don’t include any government rebates for which you may be eligible. Each motorcycle comes with a standard two-year warranty. In addition, Zero offers a 5-year/100,000 mile warranty on the power pack of all 2014 Zero S and Zero DS models and a 5 year/50,000 mile warranty on the power pack of the Zero FX. Initial deliveries will begin in January for North America and in March for Europe. Authorized dealers will begin accepting orders on November 5 from consumers who would like to secure a 2014 model.

 Zero S: (ZF8.5) $12,995, (ZF11.4) $14,995

Zero SR: (ZF8.5) N/A, (ZF11.4) $16,995

Zero DS: (ZF8.5) $12,995, (ZF11.4) $14,995

Zero FX: (ZF2.8) $9,495, (ZF5.7) $11,990

Z-Force Power Tank: $2,495


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