American Honda announced it will offer a new 125cc modern interpretation of the classic Monkey Bike to U.S. consumers as the Honda Grom. Originally announced in January for Asia as the MSX125, the new Honda Grom will arrive in the U.S. in August as a 2014 model. (UPDATED with video).

The compact Honda Grom is powered by a fuel-injected 125cc single-cylinder engine based on the powerplant used in the Honda Wave 125i scooter popular in Asia. American Honda did not release any performance numbers, but the parent company had previously claimed the MSX125 has an output of 9.7 hp at 7000 rpm and 8.0 ft-lb. at 5,500 rpm. The engine is paired with a four-speed transmission.

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The engine hangs from a compact steel mono-backbone frame. Also helping keep the package compact is a new patented split-structure tank that allows engineers to position the PGM-FI components and other electrical parts inside the tank cover while still leaving room for 1.45 gallons of fuel.

The small-bike look is completed with 12-inch wheels, with a 120/70-12 tire up front and a 130/70-12 tire at the rear. The front wheel is equipped with a 220mm disc with dual-piston caliper while a 190mm disc with a single-piston caliper provides rear braking. The suspension consists of a 31mm inverted fork with 3.9 inches of travel while the rear shock offers 4.1 inches of travel.


Other features include a multi-function LCD display with digital speedometer and tachometer, projector-style headlight and LED taillight.

Offering modest power, a compact size, 29.7-inch seat height and a light curb weight of 225 pounds (claimed), the Honda Grom is positioned as model for teens, though older riders should be able to have some fun on the 21st century Monkey Bike as well.

The 2014 Honda Grom is priced at $2,999 and will be offered in Metallic Black and Pearl Red.

[Source: Honda]

  • Pierre

    Please define “monkey bike”.

  • Monkey bikes were small (50cc) motorcycles Honda introduced in the 1960s. The first was the 1961 Honda Z100. They were generally small, compact motorcycles with thick tires. They’ve developed quite a cult following over the years.

  • Desertbilly

    At $1,599, they’d sell some of these. At $2,999 they’ll just be pulling the plug in a few years, complaining that Americans won’t buy anything except cruisers.

  • JD

    Been hoping for this announcement for months! Surface street hooligan fun…

  • Rokster

    The “unusual” name is not so unusual to me because in Afrikaans (South Africa, where I am from) it means “growl”. Co-incidence or conspiracy…

  • Jeffrey

    This wonderful bike is made in Thailand. Based on the very durable and dependable Honda Wave, Sadly America won’t be getting white and in Thailand the bike is just under $2000

  • Alan

    name comes from US slang for Grommet. meaning novice Surfer or Skateboarder.
    If you goggle Honda Grom, it clearly states this is what they used. Personally I think the name is silly regardless. I will call it by it’s model MSX125.

  • phillip

    Bring it in under $2000 and they will sale $3000 is to much I had a ysr50 loved it only $1600 hint hint