Last month, we published spy photos of what appeared to be some prototypes of the 2014 BMW R1200RT sport-tourer undergoing testing somewhere in southern France. Unfortunately, the photographs were captured from far away, preventing us from seeing many details apart from the new water-cooled Boxer engine from the new GS and what appears to be the adaptive headlight from the K1600GT and GTL.

Thankfully, a new video has surfaced, providing an up-close look at the new R1200RT. The German blogger who captured the video calls these new models the R1200GT, which may turn out to be the name of the new model. BMW may opt to use this new name to create a brand connection with the K1600GT as the two models share the same headlight design.

At EICMA, BMW revealed a new F800GT which replaces the F800ST in BMW’s 2013 lineup, so it’s conceivable BMW would change another model’s designation to be another “Grand Tourer”. The RT is the only current BMW touring model to use  “Reise-Tourer” (German for “Travel-Touring”) designation, so changing it to GT would bring it in line with the other models. On the other hand, BMW may do exactly what it did with the new R1200GS and keep the existing R1200RT name.

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Back to the video, we again see the new model uses the “precision cooling” liquid-cooled engine from the new R1200GS. Despite the camo, we can see the fairing has undergone some changes, as has the rear lighting assembly. The exhaust has moved to the right from its previous position on the left side of the current R1200RT.


A close-up of the instrument panel reveals a new layout similar to that of the K1600GT with what should be a TFT color screen with a GPS navigation device directly above the instruments. The left handlebar also sports the telltale dial of BMW’s multi-controller for the audio system which happened to have been first introduced with the R1200RT.


We expect more news to come in the months ahead leading up to EICMA in November when BMW is expected to officially present the new R1200GT/RT.

[Source: (YouTube)]

  • tb

    Well, no surprise here. This looks like the logical evolution of the RT with some water cooling added. The looks aren’t enough to get me to trade in my ’05. I’ll have to try one to decide.

    I was curious about the “new GT” mentioned in the headline. It’s obvious to me that it’s nothing more than a guess that something like that might come out, someday maybe. That mystery bike might replace the old RS, which was popular for the 1100’s, or the 1150GT??? Was that the name? The one with that “unusual” headlight treatment and lonnngg reach to the bars?
    That one didn’t go over so well.

    If they do make a new RS type bike, it has to be able to use the big system cases, not the little guys on the K sporty bikes. I think those things were a mistake for BMW. One of the reasons you spend the big bucks on these is so you can have such a great storage system on a bike that looks great, handles great and is decently fast and reliable.

    I’ve had 3 RTs. An 1100, an 1150 and a 1200. My ’05 1200 has Wilbers shocks, the smaller top-case, some crash bars, bar-backs and is really a terrific sport touring setup. I’ve got 70K on it and it’s still terrific to ride. Engine is smoother and better running than new.

  • Regarding the RT or GT talk, our initial impression is this model will replace the current R1200RT. The similarities to the K1600GT however, not to mention the recent move of replacing the F800ST with the F800GT lead credence to the theory BMW may do the same. This would give BMW several models with the GT designation. At this point, though, yes, this is all speculation.

  • Allan Forrest

    Who buys these bikes They’re to radical for some 40 year old who might be able to afford one with a second mortgage. So these are designed for silver spoon fed rich 20’s somethings? I don’t understand the need for a $20,000 dollar bike… Unless you’re racing, then a Ducati would leave you in smoke, steal your girlfriend, and eat your lunch…..

  • Don Falloon

    Well, Allen, if the thought of a $20,000 bike shocks you then you’d best avoid looking at a 2013 H-D Electra Glides. Their price range from $20,000 to $39,000 would probably give you a heart attack.

  • Ramsey K

    Following up with the latest R1200GS 2013 model, any news about the problems you talked about. Did the BMW company solve it and how relaible the bike is? I’m BMW bike owner and was very surprised to read about a design faulty for one of their best newly designed bike, knowing how meticulous and precise the german company is.

  • Dave Warneke

    I have just sold my R1220 Rt 2008 model cannot wait for this one to land on South African shores

  • harold

    LOL, they’re already recalling the junk 2013 R1200GS waterheads. An English journalist was just killed at a BMW intro on the new water cooled GS, bike went into a tank slapper. More German junk. BMW= burnt valves, rear drive failures, clutch shaft o-ring leaks, ABS pump failures and on and on.