It almost came down to the wire, but the World Superbike Championship finally has a U.S. broadcasting partner. With the first round of the 2013 season set to start this weekend from Australia’s Phillip Island circuit, WSBK has reached a deal with the beIN Sport Network. Speed had aired the series for several years but their broadcasting schedule was not renewed for 2013.

The season opening round will be broadcast live at 8:00 pm EST on Saturday, Feb. 23 (which would be Feb. 24 in Australia where the race is taking place) on beIN Sport. The race will also be streamed live on beIN Sport’s website, though it’s likely only accessible to those who subscribe to the television channel.

WSBK will be beIN Sport’s only racing property. The channel, which is owned jointly by Time Warner Cable and Qatar-based Al Jazeera, specializes in European sports with a focus on soccer and tennis.

Only the first round has been added to beIN Sport’s television broadcast schedule. It remains to be seen whether the entire season will be aired live, on tape delay or streamed online.

[Source: beIN Sport]

  • Jim Scott

    It’s too bad that about the time motorcycle racing starts gaining a decent TV following, the governing body of WSBK gets stupid about who gets to broadcast and how it is done. One has to wonder if the value of the US market is now deemed worthless.

  • I’m not sure how much of the blame goes to WSBK and its promoter Dorna and how much of it goes to Speed.



    You cite beIN SPORT as your source, but I cannot find where on their website it says the race will be streamed live online. Where on does it say the World Superbike races from Phillip Island will be streamed live online? Where did you get this information?

  • beIN Sport just posted a trailer for WSBK on its Facebook page ( saying the opening race will be simulcast on its channel as well as online: “You can see it LIVE on beIN SPORT or the LIVE STREAM on!”

  • John A. Stockman

    Damn, thanks nascar channel, I mean Speed. You interrupt the races right in the middle of a World Championship series for nascar news/highlights, and now you drop the ball on WSBK. Bastards. Did the same thing to MotoGP. Now I won’t be able to see any WSBK races this year because it’s on a network that many have never heard of and a lot of providers will not be adding to their channel line-up, including DirecTV. Speed channel’s disrespect and complete lack of ethics regarding motorcycle road-racing AND the broadcast contracts they hold is one of the reasons. The times they went over the top of WSBK and MotoGP races for nascar “news”, their FB page was loaded with complaints from irate viewers. Not one apology from them or even a reasonable excuse. I hope I can see the WSBK races on the website w/o being a subscriber/customer of the provider of choice. Looks like I’ll have to start buying the end-of-season 3-hour review DVD’s. Buttholes.

  • Paul Crosby

    Lack of advertiser dollars is what doomed us people. Speed went where the money was in the USA.