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Filmed at the 2013 Progressive International Motorcycle Show in New York City, the “Indian Motorcycle Summit” press conference featured celebrity panelist Mike Wolfe and top executives from Indian Motorcycle including Steve Menneto, Gary Gray and designer Michael Song. Moderated by Robert Pandya, panelists discussed everything from Mike’s favorite picks to the company’s exciting plans for the upcoming launch of the all-new Indian Motorcycle – one of the most anticipated and historic events in motorcycling history.

Among the highlights from the interview, straight away, Pandya asked the question that is on everybody’s mind: when are we going to see the new Indian Motorcycle? “Later this year,” answered Steve Menneto VP of Motorcycles for Polaris Industries, adding the target date is sometime in “late summer or late fall.”

Polaris officially purchased Indian in April of 2011. Consider the fact it usually takes manufacturers three to five years to design, build and test a new model before it comes to market, Gary Gray, Director of Motorcycle Product Planning for Polaris, says the new Indian “absolutely, positively” has to, and will be, completed in shorter time. Gray also revealed the new bike “started as a clean sheet of paper,” though the team actually bought and rode vintage Indians from the 1920s and 1930s to draw inspiration.

Audio clips of the new engine have been released already, of which it sounds distinctly V-Twin, though the public will know definitively come Daytona Bike Week in March as this is where the new engine will be revealed. Interestingly, for those wondering how Victory, Polaris’ other motorcycle brand, and Indian will coexist under the Polaris umbrella, they will actually service different markets.

Victory will cater more towards cruiser riders looking for performance, while Indian will play to those riders looking to embrace tradition, culture and the heritage of the Indian brand. In many ways similar to its competitors from Milwaukee.

In time, Indian will release a whole range of models to suit the broad spectrum of potential customers and their budgets. But for now the focus will be on its upcoming flagship model. If you’ve got a half-hour to spare, check out the complete press conference above for more information on Indian’s future.

  • John A. Stockman

    Polaris is the only legit company to come along in decades of phony & harley-clone outfits that have tried to revive the brand. And the only one to be able to pull it off with the non-harley engineering that Indian deserves. I have no idea what the host of American Pickers is doing there, other than lending the still-tired and worn-out celebrity stamp or endorsement. Let’s hope that it will be it’s own brand this time, not a harley with an Indian badge on the tank. That’s the only way Polaris will be able to succeed. If they apply the same modern engineering and build-quality that has been present with Victory, they’ll be able to sell these new bikes. Please, please Polaris give us actual cornering clearance and suspension that works, not all about low seat height over everything else; that only works in the showroon and not on the road. And also a price-point that us riders can afford, not the butt-jewelry poseur prices that have been offered with the past Indians or the CVO bikes.

  • R Koval

    I stop in to sport rider in Altoona Wis. and I must say;;; I was impurest in the Victory bikes! Like the look’s, like the power [TORK]. I have a 2008 Road star, witch I love! and for the first time I had thoughts of a trad. and now I find Polaris owns Indian. wow!!! I’m thinking of a bike for my wife. and should she have more Power then my Star? o well we will have to trade up from time to time. Ps Keep the Friendly approach to all riders. Promote your customers to be friendly. I can’t speak for ever one,But Milwaukee attitude is the reason why I will not buy there Bikes. as for Victory/Indian I know I will be doing some hard thinking to Buy. I look forward to test ride!! Thank’s

  • jack

    Yep Polaris is learning the Hype like Hardly.

  • dk breen

    love my ness kingpin but an indian from polaris would do her justice as a trade in wife!

  • Gary Gullikson

    I’d like to see the new Indians go on a strict diet, like to see some daylight around the cylinders and rear end that looks like an Indian, not a big round “hat box” for wheel, rear suspension and belt drive. Make them look as much like 40’s to 50’s Chiefs as possible. Try for 600 lbs max. Also like to see a smaller lightweight model closely resembling a 40’s Sport Scout. Modern brakes, foot shift and low enough seating position for short people with good ground clearance. Affordability and traditional looks are IMHO very important to eventual success.

  • Kim Lebrun

    My sentiments with your ideas Gary, frame tubes should be exposed and an ohv eight valver derivative in a boardtracker look with the underslung tank look like Polaris sketched for the gilroy type motor. Same idea for this thunder stroke motor , which I appluade them for.