A little while ago, we published a review of a motorcycle Honda produces for the Indian market called the Unicorn Dazzler. Yes, that’s the actual name of a production motorcycle designed by Honda Motorcycle & Scooter India, a Honda subsidiary. In his review of the 150cc motorcycle, Rajeev Gaikwad said the Honda Unicorn Dazzler was “a handsome commuter with an enthusiastic and proven engine” though it was underwhelming in terms of performance and handling as the higher-priced successor to the regular Honda Unicorn also sold in India.

To western consumers however, the name “Unicorn Dazzler” may seem a bit odd for a motorcycle. But it’s not the only motorcycle with a peculiarly cutesy name. In honor of the Honda Unicorn Dazzler, we decided we should play a little game called “Actual Motorcycle or My Little Pony Character.”

Here’s how it works. We’ve cobbled together a list of five motorcycles and scooters and paired them up with characters from Hasbro‘s My Little Pony line of toys and cartoons. We’ll give you a pair of names and you guess which one is the motorcycle and which one is the pony.

Let’s start with the pairing of Platina or Rainbow Dash. Which is the actual motorcycle and which is the My Little Pony character?

  • David

    That’s was awesome! Made me laugh.

  • Jeffrey

    Making fun of motorcycles what a sad day

    What motorcycle company wouldn’t like to sell 1 million bikes in America ?

    Everyone ride in Asia hardly anyone rides in America Maybe they are doing something right

  • Auto Journo from India

    The photo of the scooty you have shown is actually of a scooter from the taiwanese SYM brand called the Flyte, funny name too I admit. But the Scooty it is not. And by the way ‘Scooty’ today has become a category name in India, just like ‘Xerox’

  • Hunter

    I’m a Brony who also is very fond of motorcycles, so this was a breeze. Haha!

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