The European Parliament voted overwhelmingly in favor of new rules that would increase emission standards and make anti-lock braking systems mandatory for all new large motorcycles, scooters and trikes and quads by 2016. The new regulations, which would still need approval from European Union member states, may only directly affect Europe, but they will have a wide-reaching affect on manufacturers’ product development for other markets. BMW, for example, has already made ABS standard for all its motorcycles for 2013.

Approved by a vote of 643 in favor and 16 against with 18 abstentions, the new rules would make ABS required for new street bikes produced in 2016 and beyond with engine displacements larger than 125cc. Smaller motorcycles will be required to have either ABS or a combined braking system. The European Parliament will revisit the issue pending a report on cost-effectiveness for ABS on smaller vehicles, expected for completion by 2019.

The legislation would also extend Euro 4 emission standards to new motorcycles by 2016 and Euro 5 by 2020. Motorcycles currently have to meet Euro 3 restrictions but the Euro 4 standard further tightens standards for carbon monoxide, hydrocarbons and nitrogen oxides. By 2020, motorcycles will fall under the even stricter Euro 5 standard, meeting even lower nitrogen oxide levels and a new restriction for non-methane hydrocarbons.

Another new legislation is the repeal of previous regulation allowing European Union member states to restrict the maximum output of motorcycles to 100 hp. Until now, France was the only country making use of this restriction.

Other regulations adopted under the new legislation include the automatic activation of lighting when engines are started and the gradual introduction of advanced on-board diagnostics systems to monitor malfunctions and make emissions data more easily available.

[Source: European Parliament]

  • Roshi

    100 PS-no, but 150… is commendable. Least it would put an end to the horsepower ratrace. Noone needs 200 PS at 15000 rpm.

  • Roshi

    If they restrict bikes to 100 PS isn’t it only fair they restrict cars upto 500 PS too? No, Mr. Petrol Mafia wouldn’t allow for that.

  • Alex Kovnat

    I can understand requirements for emissions controls, because whether any one or more of us rides motorcycles or not and whether we drive cars or not, we all have to breath the same air.

    What I’m against, is more and more mandatory safety features such as ABS and traction control systems. A big problem I see is as follows: Every time the powers that be require another safety doodad or curlique, those who enjoy riding their Harley D. or whatever always hope it will be the last government demand on us. But the way the world works is, no matter how many safety doodads your car or bike already is required to have, the powers that be always want to burden your car or bike with yet more add-ons. So I believe that no matter how many more people voted for the re-election of Obama than for his opponent, SOMEBODY has to be the opposition. Somebody has to raise his or her voice in opposition to those who philosophically don’t like cars or motorcycles anyway, and seem determined to burden both of these to death with ever more and more safety, fuel economy, and emissions requirements.

  • Josh

    Truth is situation is so really bad that they(the government) don’t know what to do. Gasses from motorbikes and cars are no the primary cause for global warming. They may not be very tolerable in big cities but AREN’T the real cause. Real cause is charcoal and petrol based electricity production. Why is the situation so bad as I started: every day, every single clear and sunny day lately I look at the sky and traces from one horizon to the other checker-crossing the sky, multiples of planes flying one by one and leaving them. They aren’t the usual reactive jet traces – these are waaay longer. Consisted of WELSBACH seeding gas(check it in wikipedia) What that gas contains? Aluminium, sulphur and thorium: all poisonous or extremely dangerosu to humans. And that’s happening EVERY DAY. See why the situation’s so bad? See how stupid those governors are? Aren’t they breathing the same air? Aren’t they so narrow minded they can’t understand charcoal and petrol electricity should be stopped instead of showring everybody with the WELSBACH invention of some lunatic chinese professor?