BMW is shuffling its management team, with current head of the its motorcycle business Hendrik von Kuenheim getting reassigned to the automotive side of the company. He will be replaced by Stephan Schaller on June 1 in a domino-effect series of reassignments.

Pictured to the left in the picture above, Von Kuenheim has been in charge of the motorrad portfolio since 2008. He will now take over BMW‘s automobile business for the Asia, Oceania and South Africa sales region, replacing Guenther Seemann.

Seemann will be taking over as head of importer markets for Africa, the Caribbean, Eastern Europe, Asia, Pacific and the Middle East. Seemann is replacing Graeme Grieve who will be in charge of sales for BMW’s Mini brand.

The new hire is Schaller, pictured right above, though he is a familiar face to BMW. Schaller previously worked for BMW from 1981 to 1999, starting out as a trainee mechanical engineer in what was then known as the “Technology” division. He later served in a variety of positions including head of production at BMW’s factory in Rosslyn, South Africa. Schaller returns to BMW from a stint as vice chairman of the board of management for glassmaking company Schott AG, Mainz.

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