BMW is issuing a recall on the 2012 BMW S1000RR because of a risk of engine failure.

According to a post on the official BMW Motorcycles USA Facebook page, the connecting rod bolts may loosen and fall out. This may result cause the engine to seize, creating the risk of a crash. The problem may also cause the engine to leak oil directly in front of the rear wheel, potentially reducing traction.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has not yet announced a recall, but BMW’s Facebook post (quoted below) says it is issuing a delivery hold and is recalling 1,414 units.

Transport Canada has already issued a recall for Canada affecting 112 units.

BMW dealers will replace connecting rod bolts on recalled units and apply a thread locking agent to correct the problem.

Here’s the notice posted on BMW Motorcycle USA’s Facebook page:

BMW has issued a delivery hold and is recalling 1,414 2012 model year BMW S1000 RR motorcycles to inspect and correct a potential problem with loosening of the connecting rod bolts. As a result of a manufacturing process error, the bolts could loosen and fall out. If this happens, the engine may fail, seize, and/or leak oil. Approximately 900 of the affected motorcycles are still in BMW or dealer inventory and will be inspected and corrected prior to customer delivery. Owners of potentially affected motorcycles will be notified by mail in May advising them to bring their motorcycles to an authorized BMW Motorcycle dealer to have the recall performed. The connecting rod bolts will be replaced and installed with a thread locking agent.

Please contact our Customer Relations team at 1-800-525-7417 if you have additional questions.

[Source: BMW Motorcycles USA (Facebook), Transport Canada Recall Campaign 2012140]

  • Judy

    I was told today by the Los Angeles BMW dealer that BMW is not making any additional 2012 S 1000 RRs other than the 1414 recalled units. The existing 1414 recalled units will be rebuilt either at dealerships or at the factory. I have the option of either buying a rebuilt recall unit in 2012 or wait until 2013 for a new model. Can anyone confirm this? Thanks.

  • That sounds about right. BMW USA would order X number of units of each model, in this case 1,414 S1000RRs, from the parent company. Even if they ordered more units, those units would have received the same fix as the recalled units, the only difference being it’d be done before shipping them to the US.

    You shouldn’t worry about buying a recalled model, so long as the remedy has been applied. You’re probably just as likely to have any other issues with the 2012 model as you would with a 2013 model.

  • Tom

    You don’t have to wait to buy next years model only to avoid the recall, each model of BMW has 5-6 recalls through its lifetime, its not something new for BMW. If you get the next years model chances are that it will have its own recalls after some months. BMW makes recalls for the slightest thing..nothing to worry about!

  • lucky man

    i bought a 2012 s1000rr,long story short,its a long story,and i hate typeing writeing etc,the bike was recalls/fixs,and the engine blew up at 170mph,how i wasnt kills,i never no,have pictures and all,

  • lucky man

    nonesence,have a 2012 bmw s1000rr,was recalls,and fix,engine blew at 170mph,then,dead trap