Honda introduced a new electric suitcase-styled scooter concept designed to be small enough to fit in the passenger compartment of a car. (Updated with more high-resolution photos).

The Motor Compo concept was unveiled alongside Honda’s futuristic-looking Micro Commuter Concept electric car at the 2011 Tokyo Motor Show. The Motor Compo’s handlebars fold down, allowing the compact scooter to fit beside the single front driver seat of the Micro Commuter Concept.

The idea is to allow a driver to park his car and then hop onto the Motor Compo to ride from the parking space to the final destination. While that may seem silly to some people (unless you often go to places with massive parking lots), the battery design may be more interesting.

The Motor Compo is powered by a special loop battery that also serves as an auxiliary power source for the Micro Commuter Concept’s air conditioner, sound system and other systems, and can also be used to power devices such as laptop computers. The battery can swap in and out of both the Motor Compo and the Micro Commuter, and looks to be about the size of a netbook computer.

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[Source: Honda]

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  • Fish Breath

    You have to remember that some people are not able to walk on their own so think of this as a wheel chair device and it makes sense with an aging population.

  • I thought about that when writing the headline, but I figured from a stability standpoint, the Motor Compo probably isn’t a good choice for that, compared to, say, the Townwalker concept model in the background of the picture. The lack of an actual seat and what looks to be a rather cramped position for the rider’s legs would make this a poor choice for someone with difficulty walking. The Micro Commuter Concept the Compo is paired with also looks like it’s more geared towards a younger crowd, though the ample space surrounding the single center-mounted front seat would be nice for someone with difficulty getting in or out of a car.

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