Ed: Honda has recently announced the new Integra engine will be a 670cc engine, not 700cc as previously announced. This post has been updated to reflect this new information.

Honda announced it is developing a new series of 700cc 670cc engines and a second-generation dual clutch transmission for motorcycles. The new engine and transmission will be introduced with the production version of Honda’s New-Mid concept as the Honda Integra scooter.Yes, Honda has officially run out of names and is now recycling them from its cars.

Based on the New-Mid concept unveiled at the 2010 EICMA show in Milan, the Honda Integra is the latest in Honda’s attempt at a scooter/motorcycle crossover (anyone remember the DN-01?). The styling looks like a maxi-scooter but the large wheels, frame, engine position and the fact the rider straddles the Integra are what you’d find on a motorcycle. The Integra, along with two other models using the same new engine, will be displayed at the 2011 EICMA show in November.

The all-new engine is a 670cc four-stroke parallel Twin engine Honda claims can get 63 mpg. Customers will have a choice between a six-speed manual transmission or the second generation of Honda’s dual clutch transmission. The new DCT is said to be lighter and more compact than the original system first introduced with the Honda VFR1200F. Honda also gave the DCT a new “learning” function which selects a running mode based on the riding environment.

The new engine will use an uneven 270-degree firing interval and a uniaxial primary balancer to reduce vibrations. The engine will have a single intake channel for both cylinders, a design choice Honda says will deliberately create interference between the cyinders’ intake processes to allow precisely calculated changes to combustion timing.

Honda also positioned a three-way catalyst directly beneath the exhaust ports so the combustion gas will pass through the catalyst while still at high temperatures. According to Honda, this design combined with Honda’s PGM-FI electronic fuel injection system will allow the engine to achieve half of the Euro 3 emission standard.

Honda hasn’t announced details on the other two new models which will used the new engine. It’s expected they will be a naked standard and an adventure tourer. More details should emerge as we near EICMA.

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  • mazdaspeed

    Really, you think “recycled” car names is something new? ? ? HONDA has recycled Motorcycle names to their vehicles for 15 years, at least! Where do you think “PASSPORT” or “ODDYSSEY” came from? HONDA ATV And Scooters! To be fair, this is an ACURA name, not used on USA HONDA model, only the Up-Scale ACURA Badged offerings. Can anyone Say “Pacific Coast”? ? ? This was HONDA’S last foray into the “motorcycle for the Non-Motorcyclist”. Will this be a success? Was the PC 800 or the DN-01? NOT! HONDA lost THousands on EVERY PC800 Sold! They have done the same on the DN-01 Most Motorcycle people do not want a “Scooter” on steroids! Most people who want scooters are going to be turned off by the Manual clutch and the HIGH Price! The Price was what Killed the PC and DN-01, the DN-01 was further hindered by crappy ergonomics, poor seat, bad wind management and no storage space. The 2009 DN-01 was retailing at over $15K USD! That is twice what the first GL1500 touring Bike sold for! The HFT is not worth the price of admission, DN-01 is NOT twice the bike. The Integra appears to be a test bed for technology, and an unlikely commercial success.

  • Lou

    I don’t care what you call it, it is one sharp looking machine I could easily find in my garage. It’s been a long time since I’ve been this excited about a product from Honda.
    Offering two different transmissions will appeal to a lot of riders & attract more.
    The key here is. it has to be PRICED RIGHT for this to be a success. Honda has a tendency of over pricing their new entries into the market thus killing them before it gets off the ground.
    I can’t wait for this one to come out & hopefully introduce it here in the USA! Seems all the fun stuff gets introduced in Europe

  • anonymous

    I can’t wait for some good DCT bikes to come out. VFR 1200 DCT is good but too expensive. A CBR 600 with a DCT would be awesome. But I’d settle for a middleweight naked standard DCT bike… just keep the price down please.

  • CaliforniaBob

    Once again it looks like Honda has used the same designer
    from Italy that did the ugly VFR1200 and the Crosstourer.

    IMHO the front fairing is oogly (worse than ugly).

    Honda should keep the word “scooter” far away from
    this bike if they want to sell them.

    Good luck Honda, you will need it.

  • Is the Honda Integra going to be the next Honda DN-01 ? The Honda dealer(s) I spoke to didn’t know what I was talking about when I asked when either scooter might be available for sale!

  • Bill Ong

    The new Honda Integra Looks nice and the engine is certainly large enough. The writers say it has a top speed of somewhere between 110 and 118mph. 0 to 60 time of under 5 seconds and has a good sound. The problems I see are the unused space between the seat and handlebars that you probably can’t step through. They should put in a faux gas tank for extra storage. I would have looked into the other 2 bikes with this engine but they have little weather protection. I would like to see Honda offer a deluxe addition that has such options as cruise control, sat navigation (that can’t be removed or stolen), Radio, air horns, etc, etc.
    Bill – Northwest Indiana

  • Jay

    As long as it gets the same mpg as a motorcycle with the same capacity, I’m in! However, it’s proven that most single speed or even manumatic type transmissions gulp fuel. ??? Don’t know…

  • terry v neumann

    i am excited about this new bike,when will it be availible in the us.,and price