The editors are putting the final touches on the report on their annual trip to the MotoGP and AMA Pro Racing round at Laguna Seca, but we thought we’d offer a sneak peak with a video of some of the lovely ladies of the U.S. Grand Prix.

Check out the video after the jump, or visit the official Youtube page to see the video in dazzling 1080p HD.

And don’t forget to check back in the next few days for the full event report.

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  • Lampredi

    What’s wrong with the flash detection on this site? I’ve got flash, but all I get instead of a video is: “Get the flash player”.

  • What browser are you using?

  • Lampredi

    Safari and Firefox. Both the same effect. Really weird. Used to be different on this site.

  • Hmm… it’s possible our player may not be compatible with the version of Flash you have installed. I’ll have someone take a look but would you mind checking what version of Flash you have installed? You can do this in Firefox by going to “Add-ons” in the “Tools” menu and then clicking on “Plugins”.