Polaris is issuing a recall for certain 2004-2011 Victory Kingpin and 2006-2011 Victory Jackpot motorcycles equipped with accessory touring seats.

According to documents released by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration,the backrest supports on some accessory seats may separate from the motorcycle, potentially putting a passenger at risk of falling off.

The recall campaign affects the Victory Kingpin Touring, Double Backrest seat (part number 2876641-01) and Victory Jackpot Touring with backrest seat (part number 2875961-01). Certain seats were produced with a stress riser in the bend area of the support which may weaken and separate due to metal fatigue or overloading.

Victory Motorcycles first received a field report in November 2010 of backrest separation within the U.S.. Following an inspection, Victory contacted LeMans Corporation which produced the seats. According to documents filed by Polaris, LeMans delayed efforts to investigate its production process so they could have counsel present for the inspection.

In May 2011, Victory received a second field report of a backrest separating outside of the U.S. In both cases, the incident resulted in injuries to a passenger. Victory immediately began its investigation to the production process. Third-party vendors were brought in to perform examine the failed parts. An electron microscopic  analysis report identified the stress riser as the cause of the failure. Fatigue testing of backrest support bars is continuing but Victory has concluded only a small percentage of seats are affected by the problem.

Victory is contacting owners of 2004-2011 Kingpins and 2006-2011 Jackpots and asking those with the accessory seats to seek a free replacement from dealers. The recall campaign affects 1,688 motorcycles though only a small percentage of the recalled units are equipped with the accessory seats in question.

[Source: NHTSA Campaign ID 11V346000]

  • jude trafficano

    i own a 2004 king pin. bought it new. its a fine bike. looks, performance and price is everything i was looking for. would never own another harley. however, pitiful is all i can say for the victory/polaris marketing dept. i live in the new orleans area. people still ask me “is that a jap bike”? we only have one dealer/service shop….65 miles from my house. the only one in the state of louisiana. sickening, yet polaris has $$$ to buy out indian m/c. if i wanted an indian i would have bought one. $pends zero on advertising in this area. its past time to fire the whole dam marketing dept! fire all their asses! yesterday!

  • steve giuliano

    I just bought a 09 Jackpot the factory seat is killing my tailbone and rear end I called Victory custumer service and they told me to go buy a touring seat. I replied ,Should a person who spends 13,00 to 22,000 dollars for a motorcycle have to buy a new seat ??? They said if you do not like the factory seat then buy the touring seat ,,but I said the factory seat is hurting me ,,they said then buy a new seat. THIS IS NOT RIGHT what can we do about this. I have tested also 2010 and 2011 jackpots and the seat is the same it hurts and after 40 mi I have to get off .My tail bone really hurts and rear as well .Let me know what I can do. the Victory company and Polaris custumer service just tells me to buy a new seat .I am not happy.

  • steve giuliano

    09 Victory Jackpot
    I also want to add that the Victory Jackpot is the finest best looking and the best ride I have ever owned.It is a custom out of the box .Even at rallys H-D riders admire this bike. However just one problem . The Seat sucks and it hurts. If Victory will change the factory seat it will be perfect. Iwould not own any other bike but a ” Jackpot ”
    Just wanted to add this to my last post………..

  • steve giuliano

    I agree with with the other post,,Victory needs to step up to the bat and advertise the Victory,I went to the Chicago motorcycle show and Victory Corporate was Not There ??? Just a local stand. Victory should be at everyone across America . The Victory Jackpot is the best looking of all bikes,, hands down. Hey Corporite Advertise in the Superbowl !!!!!!!!!!! and add more after market items !!!

  • Sorry to hear about the seat. It’s sad when one small but very significant detail ruins your appreciation for a whole bike. I hope you don’t mind, but I’m editing out your email and phone number from your first comment for your privacy. It’s really not a good idea to have it out there publicly like that, plus it sounds like you’ve already been in contact with Victory/Polaris.

  • dw

    I am still waiting for my parts. My biggest complaint has been waiting on equipment. Quit sending me emails and fliers and take care of the brand new bike I bought last year! 4 months after the parts are supposed to be in for a seat I paid $700 and advised not to use for 6 months is ridiculous

  • jack


  • SAM

    I recently bout a used 2004 kingpin , but the seller did not tolled me anything, my milage on my bike is so low just 1700 Km , what should ido if anyone has any idea ?