A 65-year-old man from Windsor, Ontario, Canada is attempting a cross-continent ride from Key West, Fla., to Prudhoe Bay, Alaska and back, on a Honda CBR125R.

Bob Munden of Windsor is attempting to set the record for the smallest motorcycle to make the trip from the southernmost accessible point in North America to the northernmost point, and back. A print shop owner with a stable of five motorcycles, Munden will attempt the trip on the 124.7cc single-cylinder four-stroke Honda CBR125R, an entry-level sportbike model Honda offers in Canada.

Munden’s eighth-liter CBR is specially modified for the trip with extra fuel storage and plenty of additional storage for food and water, emergency gear, tools, camping gear and clothing for both warm and cold weather riding. All lighting except for turn signals have been converted to low-energy LED lights so that he’d have enough power for to heat his vest and gloves.

The cross-continent tour, dubbed the Ultimate Coast to Coast Challenge by the long-distance motorcycle riding organization the Iron Butt Association. Munden will follow the Iron Butt Association’s rules, using the same motorcycle for the entire ride and stopping for gas at least once every 400 miles. Each one-way journey must also be completed in 30 days or less.

The entire two-way trip will span over 15,000 miles and will include a side trip on the return trek from Prudhoe Bay to Hyder, Alaska, to complete the Iron Butt Association’s inaugural Alaska North South Insanity challenge and become the first to ride across Alaska from north to south on a motorcycle. And if that isn’t long enough, Munden still needs to get to Key West from Windsor.

“It’s a challenge, like any other thing. Climbing a mountain. Running a marathon,” Munden told the Windsor Star. “There’s a personal sense of satisfaction, like any other sport, when you accomplish something, especially when you accomplish something nobody’s done.”

Munden will be accompanied by fellow Windsor resident Charles Fider who will ride a 1982 BMW R100RT motorcycle with about 250,000 miles on the odometer. Fider will be trying to set the record for the oldest motorcycle to make the trip. (EDIT: thanks to the reader Gord, who pointed out the R1200RT didn’t exist in 1982. Fider is actually riding a R100RT)

To follow Munden on his journey, visit http://tinyurl.com/bobmunden for GPS satellite tracking via Spot Navigation Tracker beginning June 1 when he plans to leave Windsor.

[Source: Windsor Star, Bob Munden’s blog]

  • Barry Cullen

    Sounds like a great trip. In 2004 I did Montreal -Anchorage return in 22 days and a little under 12,000 miles. That was on a Yamaha FJR 1300. The two previous years I did a couple of Mtl-Pacific coast return trips on my 1982 Honda Magna 750cc. In 2007 I did a Mtl-New Orleans-Key West- St.John’s Newfoundland – Mtl. trip on the Yamaha. I’ve since sold my Yamaha as a promise to my wife when we boat a Florida boat. I still have my 1982 Honda Magna V45 (in Montreal)and if Honda would sponsor a Motorcycle Check-up & Tune-up, I would be very interested in joining this trip and get the Honda Brand as a co-recipient of the ‘oldest cycle’ category. I’m also in my early sixties and have given up on long distance solo trips but this one would be of interest.
    Good luck and enjoy it!

  • Don

    Some years ago I remember following on his photo travelogue, the travel exploits of a 30-something year old man, who traveled from northernmost Alaska through Central America to the southernmost tip of South America on a 50cc Honda Metropolitan scooter. So Mr. Munden should have no problems on his 125, and I do with him and Mr. Munden a safe and spectacular journey.

  • Gord

    1982 BMW R1200RT, not a real bike, has he bored out the old airhead? Inspiring story! In a pinch the BMW could tow the CBR. Not sure if the Ironbutt guys allow that!

  • Oops. Good catch. That was a typo: Fider is riding a 1982 BMW R100RT.

  • Bruce from Canada

    I bought a CBR125 about a week ago and have put maybe 500 KM on it since then. It’s a fun little bike on the backroads up to maybe 100 kph, but I would be very reluctant to take it on a cross-country trip. It can be done I am sure, though: I’ve read of people doing similar or longer trips on Honda Cubs and 50cc scooters.

    Good luck with your trip, Bob!

  • George M Hamilton

    Have a great ride. Speed safely. Consider electric chaps.
    Can’t find? i can send you mine.
    White or black duct tape can hide the ties.(You are packing
    duct tape, right?)
    I’ll look forward to your reports.

  • Jeffrey in Thailand

    I’ve done many 100 km on my wonderful CBR150 and many cross country trips. It’s a wonderful bike. And when I was younger and more foolish did a 1 week crossing ona Honda NS50 Near DC to Oregon. What a blast, but not sure I’d do it again

  • This is really audacious for 65 yr old man. Dare I say old. My heartfull of respect for Bob. This truly shows that a true biker never grows old. All the very best to Bob

  • Brian P

    Looks like he will be in Deadhorse tomorrow!

  • As you can see from looking at his blog at http://bobmunden.blogspot.com/ the trip was a huge success, and Bob completed the Florida-Alaska-Florida run on his CBR 125r!

  • Wm Parker

    Great ride as I have done it twice (2007)(2009).
    on a BMW GSA.

  • Peter

    That’s is amazing, i ride the same type of bike and i love but sometimes get some laughter behind my back this proofs them all wrong!!! great job!!!!

    greats from Belgium!