Kawasaki ZX-10R vs Mazda RX-7 [video]

High speed drifting battle

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The sport of drifting in the car world has been entertaining motorsports enthusiasts for years, spawning national race series across the globe.  And this genre is now gaining a foothold in the motorcycle world.

In the video below, we see these worlds collide as a Corvette-powered Mazda RX-7 battles a stretched Kawasaki ZX-10R in a drift competition produced by Icon Motorsports. The Ninja is ridden by Nick “Apex” Brocha, smoking his ZX’s fat rear tire against the RX at Sandia Motorsports Park in New Mexico. Some sensational riding and driving footage ensues, captured in part by a camera mounted to a speedy radio-controlled car.

Hit the jump and take a look!

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  • Sloan

    This is totally SICK!

  • Edward S. Sinining

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  • Confused

    What is this? a real life video game? How do you win? I don’t get it. Someone watched too much hollywood and this is the result.

  • blizz

    Nothing to be confused about. Simply displaying the capabilities of both a car and motorcycle in the art of drifting. Particularly fun to see it on a motorcycle. Not a true “race” per say these guys were just having fun.

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