The name Matt Cuddy should need no introduction to readers. Not only does he have more than 5,000 posts on our forum, he’s also written dirt bike tests for us, including the 2010 and 2011 Kawasaki KX450F reviews.

Making this accomplishment more noteworthy is the fact that Matt is a paraplegic – he was hit by a car several years ago while riding his motorcycle.

Despite the limitations of his current condition, the motorcycle bug still has a deep bite on Matt – both dirt and street. Although he can’t ride a two-wheeler anymore, that hasn’t stopped him from riding on two wheels – on his gas-powered wheelchair!

Last weekend, Matt went with a couple of buddies to the Easyriders bike show at the Los Angeles Staples Center. He arrived on his recently completed wheelchair, which, in true gearhead form, is powered by a hopped-up Honda 70cc clone motor.

“I was tooling around the show when this big red carpet that went down the middle of the show opened up with no people,” Cuddy explains. “So I cranked up the wheelchair and did a big wheelie down through the show, got a lot of clapping, people taking pictures, etc.”

Matt’s performance also made an impression on the show’s organizers, who were preparing for a stunt show to entertain the audience. Matt was enlisted as the opening act for Jason Pullen, a talented stunter who performs on a Harley Sportster.

“I opened the show by doing some wheelies and high-speed passes in the newly re-built gas-powered chair,” Cuddy relates. “A lot of people took pictures and asked me for my name so they could contact me later to see if I could build one for their paralyzed son, brother, friend, etc.”

Luckily for us, Matt’s buddy Al captured the spectacle on video. Way to go, Matt!

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  • An awesome and inspirational story. I have often wondered what my life would be like if I could no longer ride a motorcycle. Matt shows us that we are limited by what we THINK we can or can’t do.

  • Thanks James, once it’s in your blood you can’t get it out, I got some knobbies for it, and it slides like a little dirtbike! There’s this flat sandy vacant lot about three blocks away, and I tear it up with the kids on bicycles. It’s a blast.

  • schizuki

    Cuddy, you rock!

    Needs some conchos and naked chicks with swords, though.

  • cWJ


    does it steer via the casters or by varying the throttle to either side like a tank?

  • cWJ, yes steers just like a tank. Push forward to go forward (engages the drive wheels) pull back to stop, Pull back on right lever, push left lever fwd to turn right, etc. You get use to it, take about a week. Until then it’s kind of scary. I’m getting a disc brake kit that should improve it a lot.

  • veasna

    how much does it cost to built that?

  • How can I contact Mike Cuddy

  • Paul Scholand

    I am building one now and will have more for sale. Let’s assume you provice the chair. It needs to have a solid axle, and not be foldable. I will install the gear and engine. I live in Michigan. Let’s talk soon. Paul

  • quadsquad9

    Hi Paul, my name is chris kenny and i live in Canada. I am a quadraplegic in a too slow electric wheelchair. I had thought about desighning a hybrid wheelchair for a couple of years, my chair is a lot bigger and heavier but that is the big difference. Do you have any ideas as to how or who i could get help to desighn something simular Thanks.

  • Scott Wheaton

    Hey MATT ! ! …. Pat and Bev sent me the link ! Too cool, dude. Glad you’re out and about and doin’ good stuff, man. Let me know when your next show is. I’ll try to get to it.
    Ya, I still ride … track days and canyons…