harley-fourty-eightWatching the promo videos that Harley-Davidson puts out does get me pumped.  Harley does however really seem to reinforce the stereotype of a typical Harley rider, I’m not sure if I am cool enough but the new Sportster Forty-Eight looks great!  Harley could use some positive feedback after they announced their Q4 results…

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The 2010 Harley-Davidson Forty-Eight retails for $10,499 for the black version, $10,789 for the silver or orange. Click here for more info.

  • Typical Harley riders? umm no, typical Advertising agency in New york displaying young white hipsters as cool, yes. Not cool. But who cares, buying a harley should not be about cool. It should be about passion like buying a ducati is. Most harley owners are seniors now and almost hate the fact that young people that have jobs buy a bike and gear anyways. Sad but true. Anyways, its a good video to make people think it is cool and buy one. Expensive for a 1200 cc bike that cant handle speed like a sport bike and just makes loud noise. Also, how about showing people with the correct gear on the video? enough with the squids.

  • toomanycrayons

    Wow, what an irritating video. What does the damn thing sound like?

    Oh, wait a minute, that’s not the BMW S1000R is it? Sorry, not my kinda people.

  • Just remake a 1969 sportster and you will have it right.

  • Ian

    There are so many diferent views on this , havnt seen such a diversity in opinions for along time. Myself can’t wait to ride it.

  • ryougli

    Slightly bubble gummed version of be a bad ass…Cards,,gambling Got to have the pouty chicks….flipping guy into pool instead of on floor in bar fight..errant gear…missing parts…rebellion…James Dean all over again…missing the smoking cigarettes though…that’s later

  • robotribe

    HD would do themselves a service by burying this annoyingly cliche video and let the bike sell itself on its own merits.

    “Coming to the CW network this Fall: THE FORTY-EIGHT, followed by the season premiere of ONE TREE HILL.”

  • Bort

    Man you guys are too cool for school… I like it, dope bike, dope commercial…get over yourselves.

  • Laurens

    This looks like a supper cool bike and ad !!

    Harley Davidson is trying to get the new generation on their bikes… nothing wrong with that ?
    They also NEED IT if they want to survive !
    The brand will not survive if they don’t FLiP theire image.
    Old Beardy Harley riders should encourage it, otherwise Harley is doomed just like they are.

    (sorry for mistakes in spelling, i’m dutch)

    I WANT A 48 !!

  • rob

    @ johnny… u mad bro?