Adjectives fail me.  This almost seems like one of those sci-fi movies where an evil scientist tries to cross two deadly animals together to create the ultimate killing machine.

So what are we looking at?  It seems to be the deformed love child of a Citroën Xantia and a Kawasaki 1000 RX.

This custom project, called “Snaefell“, cost its creator about 15000 Euros and 10 years of part time work. I have to wonder “why?”.

I guess if you really love the thrill of riding a motorcycle but none of your friends and family do, this concept makes sense.  Or not.  Would they want to be seen in this?  Hopefully those windows are tinted.

Check out the rest of the post for more shots of this… hybrid.

Source: [ Snaefull via Gizmodo ]

  • Mike

    Now this is sweet. To bad they don’t make something like this here in the states. I would buy this.

  • I Joeangel Hernandez thought that the motorcycle sidecar was A amazing machine and can only amagine what the feeling might be like cause my wife and child liked it aswell I’ve always been A motor cycle lover .

  • A amazing machine and can only imagine what the feeling might be like cause everybody over here liked it I also bookmarked the page as well.

  • Blake Anderson

    Wow. Completely out of the box thinking. The builder did this part-time? That’s quite an accomplishment. While this concept is unconventional, it certainly isn’t ugly. Look at the overall lines and how well the motorcycle is integrated into the lines of the side car. Think of the front end linkage problems that the designer had to overcome. Look at how the rider has to insert himself/herself into the machine to become, well, one more integrated component. This is an amazing piece of (art) work.

  • Wow, Fantastic innovative thinking! Even I can’t able to imagine how to ride on it. I was stunning while seeing the picture itself. Motorcycle sidecar was Amazing.

  • Way too cool. That looks fun!

  • watcycle

    thinking out of the box doesnt quite say it.this guy would be an asset to any custom shop or maybe he should go into production for himself Im shure there would be a market Id certainly by one.Geoff Watson Watcycle Mechanical Sydney Australia

  • Local Handyman

    is perfect for my 2 boys and my self ,is realy way too cool,fun,stunning,fantastic and amazing ,YEP I see a production coming and I like to have the first one,Can any body get this one for me? GOOD L WITH THIS PROJECT…

  • Jay

    amazing! is it safe?

  • WOW! What is this… I am confused, is it a three wheel car or bike whatever?