At first look, I couldn’t figure out how exactly this contraption worked but after doing some research it looks like you ride it like a skateboard and control speed, braking and direction with the long pole that’s attached.

The Xcite Bike can go up to 28mph with its 49cc engine, weighs in at 265lbs, comes with a 30 day warranty and costs $999, ouch! Is it exciting? Well, that’s up to the individual I guess but it does come in some exciting colors.

  • Sky

    Good job on the research. This little contraption doesn’t weigh 265lbs, that is it’s load capacity. It only weighs about 60lbs. You mentioned controlling it with a “long pole”. That is pretty inaccurate as it’s more of a cable with the controls on the end… you don’t want to drop it while driving it or you will not be able to pick it up again until you stop to reach down for it.

    If you are going to write a “review” on a product, make sure you actually test drive it first. Clearly you must have spent 5 minutes to write this post and it has absolutely no benefit to any reader (you can find much more information much easier). It is clear you just made this article to get traffic to this website.

    If this represents the kind of quality that goes into the information on this website regarding motorcycles, then I’m afraid I’m going to spend my time elsewhere on the internet looking for motorcycle information.