You likely know the name Henry Rollins. What you may not recall initially is exactly where you know him from. Taking over for Dez Cadena as the front man of hardcore 80’s rock band Black Flag, musician turned actor Rollins has been a magazine columnist, radio and television host, started his own record label, won a Grammy for one of his many spoken word albums and been an outspoken activist for gay and human rights. Most recently however, Rollins has been chosen to appear in a recurring role on the second season of FX’s motorcycle drama “Sons of Anarchy”.

In six episodes, he will play a new antagonist in the show, who poses a deadly threat to the Sons of Anarchy Motorcycle Club. Taking place in the fictional town of Charming CA located in the San Joaquin Valley in Northern California, Sons of Anarchy is a dark drama that explores an outlaw motorcycle gang’s mission to protect their way of life from the insurgence of rival gangs, drug dealers, corporate real estate developers and law enforcement officials. The muscular and heavily tattooed Rollins should have no problem creating a realistic character as he gained notoriety in the early days of his career for getting into fights while on stage.

Production on the series will start April 27th and will likely premiere in September 2009.

  • Dustin

    No mention of the Rollins Band here? Liar (from the album Weight) hit 33 on the Billboard charts the year it came out; far more people have heard that than ever listened to the almighty Black Flag. It was a favorite on MTV for pete’s sake. I love Black Flag, but it is one of the last reasons most people know Rollins. You get negative 5 cool points for trying to seem a bit hipper than the rest of the readers.

  • Dustin Woods

    While Henry Rollins is indeed well known for headlining the Rollins band, I felt mentioning that would seem redundant to anyone familiar with that aspect of his career. Referencing his more obscure endeavors was not done to seem pretentious or condescending, merely educate readers on the many other reasons he has gained recognition within the limelight. I wouldn’t consider my knowledge of Black Flag as grounds for being cooler than you, but I’m sure there are plenty of other reasons as well.

  • The_AirHawk

    Sons of Anarchy? That show is still running?

  • JDubya

    Looking forward to the next season of SOA! Good stuff..

  • It’s going to be a great story arc on SOA, with not only Henry Rollins but Adam Arkin as neo-nazis invading Charming, Calif. Here’s some exclusive pix from the storyline.

  • Great show !!!!!

  • Wandabhebep

    This is my original comemnt when I first listened to this:Thank you RoF for having Henry Rollins on! Henry, I’m a big fan of yours and you are funny but you are also a good person.You are doing great things to help the hungry. I also loved Henry’s take on these people who are down to their last penny but STILL have to have another kid. That bugs me as much as it does Henry! I liked his take on Palin and the 5 kids she has. I would like to know Henry’s thoughts on that family in AR the Duggars….you know, that couple who has cranked out 19 kids?! WTF?! Henry did alude to this just being a way for some people to think they are adding to the White population. But I think the Duggars, namely the wife, needs a shrink! This woman has a pregnancy fetish. Not normal..sorry. She has a psychological problem…no doubt. Henry is also upset as we are about this Citizens United. You bet this is Fascism! We just saw on the news about how Toyota is trying to make politicians back off on any investigation into their faulty cars. Citizens United decision already in progress. This is just the kind of stuff this horrible decision opens the door for.