While there are certain countries around the globe that are known for their significant contribution to technological innovation within the motorcycle industry, Brazil has never been one of them. Until now, it seems. Brazilian Honda subsidiary Moto Honda da Amazonia Ltda., recently began sales of the CG150 TITAN MIX, a 150cc bike with the world’s first production flexible-fuel technology.

The small motorcycle is equipped with an industry-first Mix Fuel Injection System that allows for the reduction in CO2 emissions and fuel consumption by burning a combination of gasoline and bio-ethanol. Honda simply seems to be reacting to customer demand as approximately 90 percent of new automobiles sold in Brazil are equipped with flexible-fuel technology.

Honda is expecting to sell in excess of 200,000 units in the first year of production, which would equate to roughly 10 percent of the market. The industry-leading two-wheeler costs 6,340 Brazilian real, or around $2,700 US dollars.

  • adejazz

    this Titan MX look like MegaPro in Indonesia, over it is nice to ride

  • Jared

    That’s what we need in the U.S., an updated version of the good old CB125.

  • Ivan

    The CB125 has been a hit in different countries for a long time because they are frugal and maintenance is very cheap. I know in Europe Honda have been offering a similar bike for a couple of years now that nevertheless offers better performance and looks, the Varadero 125 which has a V2 engine and around 15HP. Also, it should not vibrate much because (I think) it has a balance shaft. If only they offered that kind of bike in a 250cc version (preferrably with the Titan’s flexible-fuel technology), I know that would be a hit in many countries.