I think I remember seeing the book ‘The Joy of Sex’ in my parents bedroom. It may have been a bad dream or I could have subconsciously removed it from memory. Pop culture suggests that the ‘70s was a dirty decade. With the release of Deep Throat, the birth of Hustler magazine and just look at the guy on the cover from the first edition of this famous book that was released in ’72.

In ‘The New Joy of Sex,’ the suggestion of having sex on a moving motorcycle, which was included in the older editions, has been omitted. Perhaps this decision came after legal issues arose from people actually trying it. Not only would it be illegal in most states, it probably isn’t very safe either. It would however, be quite a challenge. It would also be one hell of a memorable ride!


  • Not sure what this book is doing on a motorcycle bog, but OK, I’ll bite. I have heard of several people who get turned on sexually when riding a Harley.

    Buzz Kanter

  • Kristin

    Does anyone know of anyone who has actually had sex on a moving motorcycle? I am looking at doing a short film about it…….

  • britbiker

    In answer to Kristin, the editor of British bike mag BIKE did it a few years ago and the feature about how they filmed it etc was in his last issue as editor: a sort of parting shot, if you like. The general drift of the article, if I remember, was that it was incredibly hard to do, wildly dangerous, and not actually very exciting – but definitely something to say that you’d done.

  • Magna

    I’ve done it. Had my girl wear a short miniskirt and no panties. Put her on front of a yz250 2 stroke dirt bike facing forward and slipped it in. She had the most explosive multiple orgasms because every time she came down on my rod her clit was engulfed in vibrations from the seat of the bike.

  • ok was woundering if any one has given a person a hand job while riding on the back of a bike, thinking about trying this on the back of a Ninja 250, just for fun! any commoents

  • Andy

    On a hot summers night, back in 1989, my then girlfriend complained that it was too hot to have sex indoors…. so we rode up into the hills on my 1977 Suzuki GT 550 B (styled like the then new GS 550, stripped off and with her sat on the gas tank and her feet onn the pillion seat rode up and down a very bumppy cart track for about an hour. She made sure I hit every pot hole.

    Apparently riding a motorcycle naked with just a crash helmet on isn’t safe sex on a motorcycle, as she became pregnant, left me to raise the boy alone and now he is seriously into motorcycles as well.

    So remember, if f**king around on a motorcyle always wear a crash helmet and condom!!

    NB Girls tent to become hornier when riding pillion on big singles with loose engine mounts!!

  • aaa