Once again, legendary motorcycle-aerodynamics engineer Craig Vetter makes news with his latest one-off creation. Designed to cut through more than just the wind, his sawblade-packing-KLR prototype is more than the average “killer KLR.”

Redefining Aerodynamics

Forever with his head in the clouds, Craig had more earthly intentions with the creation of this energy absorbing fairing. Attempting to further the good luck streaks of both he and his Anchorage Alaska friend, he has designed a fairing that would slow down the initial impact of any frontal collision with any big animal that may confront the country dwelling motorcyclists. Slicing first, then asking questions.

Most unique in design, but perhaps a little heavy on the bike’s fuel economy. Reportedly, the handling isn’t adversely affected, just your social perception as “normal”. But I’m just guessing here, but no doubt Craig’s got one of those “Why Be Normal?” bumper stickers stuck upside-down somewhere.

  • Dustin Woods

    That’s one sharp lookin’ bike!

  • …I work all night and I sleep all day!

  • This was actually Craig’s April 1 post to the klrworld.com forums. Hmm, April 1… what do you think? ;-).

  • rob

    This site definetly looks more slick… the old one looked a bit 2005. Congrats on the upgrade, and look forward to seeing a review of the new Grom and FZ-09 🙂

  • Tania Inverso

    Looking good. It definitely looks more clean. Great job, Motorcycle.com!

  • Joseph Christy

    Clean, flat/google-like design. I like it.

    Only suggestion: the “Find Your Motorcycle” widget is front and center, and I would guess that most people may think the “Latest Articles” section is a higher priority item, and should have top, front-page real estate.

  • Phillip

    Is there a mobile device version? I visit the website on my phone.

  • Buzz

    Lipstick on a pig. It’s like one of those creepy skins on an Android phone.

    Excellent use of fake posts from friends though!

  • ScoobS

    Good design.

    But you shall not use automatically starting videos on pages seen previously in news and reviews.

    And disqus comment system is problematic.

    Previous one was better.

  • Pedro Pamplona Coelho

    Hi, I am designer and rider from Brazil.

    I hope my english allow me to explain and help a little with some feedbacks about your new design. I’m a big fan of motorcycle.com and I like a lot your work.

    I like the flat design but still is a lot confuse! Yet it lacks organization.

    Why there is some articles on the top of the pages? It looks like Ads.

    Speaking of Ads, there are to many. Lots of diferent sizes and places.
    Ok, you have to earn money to keep the page rolling but, lacks organization, and would be nicer if you had some kind of special ad. Those that merge with the page design, much more interesting and efective.

    And I suggest to assume the blog format. Minimal design, clean, organized, use tags to categorize, a better search engine, just one column or two max, less information everywhere.

    And the Motorcycle.com logo its to shy! I’m not telling to enlarge the logo, but highlight it. there are too many information arround it!

    A good looking, pratical and minimal design is far more efective.

    I hope it helps somehow.

  • trenttheuncatchable

    I think it sucks, but it’s not like that’s going to matter to anyone who could change things. I’m sure I’ll get used to it soon enough.

  • desmotwin

    Site looks great! It loads so much faster and the new search tool is a huge improvement. Much easier for me to research specific models that I am considering for my next purchase. Keep up the good work!

  • New design looks great. New menu system also much better. And glad you’re using Disqus 🙂

    Would like to see latest articles listed in right hand column, though, so that it would not be necessary to continually return to the main page.