Aprilia Racing Completes First Dealer Training Program

Dealers from all over the world are receiving training from the Aprilia Racing department

5 years ago

Aprilia Racing Launches Certified Dealer Program

Now certified Aprilia dealers will have technicians as knowledgeable as the factory race team technicians.

5 years ago

Bright New Stars to Attend the Yamaha VR46 Master Camp

Third edition of the VR46 Master Camp gets underway

6 years ago

Yamaha Champions Riding School Now Includes Super-Teneres!

Yamaha Champions Riding School Fleet Now Includes Super-Teneres!

6 years ago

Cornerspeed And Cornerspin Schools Announce 2017 Schedule

Below you will find two press releases, the first is for Cornerspeed, the second for Cornerspin. They are two different-yet-related…

6 years ago

What’s To Come In 2017 From MotoVentures

Lots of opportunities to improve your off-road riding in 2017

6 years ago

Young Yamaha Talents Master the Misano World Circuit

VR46 students get to put their training to use at Misano

7 years ago

Yamaha VR46 Master Camp Riders Step It Up For Muscle Strength and Improved Suspension

The VR46 Riders Academy students learn pilates and better their bike setup

7 years ago

Kawasaki Named as Jason Pridmore’s STAR Schools’ Official Motorcycle

Kawasaki and Jason Pridmore’s STAR School have announced their agreement to name the Kawasaki Ninja as the school’s official motorcycle. In the over 30 STAR…

8 years ago