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The Dakar Rally Is Moving To Saudi Arabia

After a decade in South America and three decades in Africa, the Dakar Rally is moving to Saudi Arabia in…

4 years ago

Adventure Motorcyclist Travel Book: Journey to the End of the World

If you’ve been reading MO for more than a couple of years, you’ll fondly remember our former coworker Alfonse Palaima.…

5 years ago

New Piaggio Ape Launches In Mexico As Piaggio Group Strengthens Americas Markets

Piaggio looks to strengthen its operations in South America, starting with the Ape

6 years ago

New Bikes And Tours For Compass Expeditions

As one of the only international motorcycle tour companies that own their own motorbikes in South America, we felt that…

8 years ago

2015 Dakar Rally Route Announced

The 2015 edition of the Dakar Rally will see riders racing across 13 stages in 14 days, carrying them through…

9 years ago

Ducati Expands to Argentina, Assembly Plant in Brazil Now Fully Operational

Ducati has extended its South American operations, signing a new import and distribution agreement for Argentina. The deal follows the…

10 years ago

Harley-Davidson Opens Latin America Office in Miami

Harley-Davidson opened a new regional headquarters in Miami, Fla., to house the company's Latin America operations. The new Harley-Davidson Latin…

11 years ago

Playboy Writer Rides the Road of Death

Okay, we'll admit, we will make up any excuse to get to read Playboy at work, but this is a…

12 years ago