smart helmet

Quin Design Announces Quest Smart Modular Adventure Helmet

New to the market, the Quin Design Quest offers its smart helmet technology in a modular adventure helmet. 

5 months ago

Quin Design Helmets Releases New Color-way of Smart Helmet

Quin Design Helmets adds a new color-way to its lightweight smart helmet line-up. 

6 months ago

Quin Design Helmets announce their 2020 Line

Quin Design Helmets releases its 2020 product line. 

1 year ago

Jarvish Smart Helmets Secure Goals and Then Some on Crowdfunding Sites

The Jarvish Tron will include built-in LEDs around the helmet to evoke an image straight out of science fiction.  Begin…

2 years ago

Jarvish Launches X and X-AR Smart Helmets

Back in October, Gabe Et-Hokin wrote about Taiwanese company Jarvish's new smart helmets. The carbon fiber Jarvish X helmet offered…

2 years ago

Fusar Smart Helmet Tech, Available Through Speedmob

Speedmob now carrying Fusar smart helmet technology

4 years ago