The Numbers Are In: Ducati Boasts 7% Profit Margin For 2018

Global sales dip slightly, while U.S. sales take a nearly 9% blow.

2 years ago

Bell Pro Star ProFIT Video

The all-new ProFIT sizing standard is purpose-built for high-speed racing

4 years ago

Suzuki Reports Huge Sales Growth For 2015

Suzuki reports year-over-year sales gains for past six months.

5 years ago

Harley-Davidson Reports Q3 2012 Results

Harley-Davidson reported a profit of $134.0 million dollars over the third quarter of 2012. That represents a 27% decrease from…

8 years ago

Suzuki Reports Q2 2011-2012 Results

Suzuki reported its second consecutive profitable quarter from its motorcycle division, following  11 consecutive quarters in the red. For the…

9 years ago

BMW Reports Q3 2011 Results

The BMW Group reported a 14.8% increase in motorcycle revenue and a 6.5% increase in unit sales during the quarter…

9 years ago

Honda Reports Q2 2011-2012 Results – Record Motorcycle Sales While Auto Sales Plummet

Honda reports a 20.0% year-on-year increase in motorcycle and ATV sales over the second quarter ended Sept. 30, 2011. Despite…

9 years ago

Harley-Davidson Reports Q3 2011 Results

As expected, Harley-Davidson reported a net income of $183.6 million over the third quarter ended Sept. 25, 2011, a 106%…

9 years ago

Polaris Reports Q3 2011 Results

Polaris Industries announced another record quarter with sales growth across all its product lines including on-road vehicle sales which consist…

9 years ago