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Dealer Seminars Set For First Two Days At AIMExpo

Powersports DEALER Seminars presented by Powersports Business once again will be held on the first two days of AIMExpo

5 years ago

Yamaha’s Dennis McNeal Named Chair of Motorcycle Industry Council

The Motorcycle Industry Council (MIC) has named Dennis McNeal as the new chair of its board of directors. McNeal, the…

7 years ago

2013 US Motorcycle Sales Data

The Motorcycle Industry Council (MIC) reported a modest 1.4% growth in U.S. motorcycle and scooter sales in 2013, with consumers…

7 years ago

Q3 2013 US Motorcycle Sales Results

Motorcycle and scooter sales in the U.S. in 2013 remain consistent with last year's figures, according to data released by…

7 years ago

Q1 2013 US Motorcycle Sales Results – Sales Down 14.7% from 2011

U.S. motorcycle sales were down 14.7% over the first quarter compared to the same period last year, reports the Motorcycle…

8 years ago

2012 US Motorcycle Sales Results – Industry Reports 2.6% Increase

The Motorcycle Industry Council reported a 2.6% increase in motorcycle sales in the U.S. market for 2012. According to the…

8 years ago

NHTSA Proposes Minimum Sound Standards for Electric Vehicles

For years now, the motorcycle industry has had to design its motorcycles and their exhaust systems to stay below government-mandated…

8 years ago

MIC Reports 3.6% Increase in US Motorcycle Sales in First Half of 2012

U.S. motorcycle and ATV sales were up 3.6% in the first six months of 2012 including a 2.8% uptick for…

9 years ago

MIC Sets Standard for Measuring Freeway Range for Electric Motorcycles

The Motorcycle Industry Council has developed a new protocol for determining the range of electric motorcycles. The MIC' had previously…

9 years ago