Federal Legislation Would Require Proper Labeling Of E15 Fuel And Consumer Education Campaign

Proper labeling of E15 fuel is important, as modern motorcycles were not designed to operate on such fuels

3 years ago

New Bipartisan Senate Bill Would Ban Funding of Motorcycle-Only Checkpoints

Four U.S. senators representing both the Democrat and Republican parties introduced new legislation that would prevent the National Highway Traffic…

7 years ago

AMA Wants Meeting with CDC on Helmet Law Proposal

On November 22nd, American Motorcyclist Organization Vice President for Government Relations Wayne Allard sent a letter to Center for Disease Control Director Tom Frieden…

7 years ago

Nevada Lane-Splitting Bill Dies on the Senate Floor

The Nevada state Senate voted 16-5 against a bill that would have allowed motorcyclists to lane-split. Bill AB236 had passed…

8 years ago

AMA Honors Lawmakers for Supporting Pro-Motorcycle Legislation

The American Motorcyclist Association honored 59 U.S. lawmakers for their support of motorcyclists in the recently concluded 112th Congress. Senator…

8 years ago

California and Illinois Laws Fight Motorcycle-Only Checkpoints

Lawmakers in California and Illinois have enacted new legislation working against police checkpoints that only target motorcycles. The two states…

9 years ago

Anti-Checkpoint Bill Gains Support in US House

A bill that would ban funding of motorcycle-only checkpoints is gaining momentum with 50 members of the U.S. House of…

9 years ago

Louisiana Bill Updates Maximum Handlebar Height Legislation

Louisiana state lawmakers have approved a bill that would change the maximum height of motorcycle handlebars. Current state law restricts…

9 years ago

Virginia to Allow Motorcycles to Ride Side-by-Side

In the wake of last week's amendment to Michigan's helmet laws, we take a look at another recently enacted piece…

9 years ago

Loud Pipes Lead to Terrorism Charges in Mexico

"Loud pipes save lives" is one of the more contentious philosophies among motorcyclists. Advocates argue louder exhausts make drivers notice…

9 years ago