AirHawk International Lawsuit Update

AirHawk International recently announced that they are suing Wild Ass for Patent Infringement.

7 years ago

AirHawk International Files Lawsuit

Begin Press Release: AirHawk International Files Lawsuit   FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE AirHawk International announced that it recently filed in the…

7 years ago

Sturgis Motorcycle Rally Inc. Wins Court Battle Against Wal-Mart

Rushmore and Wal-Mart found liable for infringing on Sturgis trademark.

7 years ago

Piaggio Files Patent Infringement Complaint Against Yamaha, Peugeot

Piaggio has filed complaints with Italian courts alleging Yamaha and Peugeot infringed on the company's idea for leaning three-wheeled scooters.…

8 years ago

Sturgis Motorcycle Ralley, Inc. Wins Trademark Infringement Suit

Those who can remember way back to 2001 may recall a kerfuffle over the rights to the name Sturgis being…

9 years ago

Mission Motorcycles Sues Co-Founder

Mission Motorcycles is suing Vincent Ip, one of three co-founders of the electric motorcycle company, who was terminated in November.…

9 years ago

Top Ten Strangest Motorcycle Stories of 2012

Earlier, we looked back at some of the most notable motorcycle news stories of 2012, ten tales that helped define…

10 years ago

Man Sues BMW for Causing Persistent Erection

A man is suing BMW and seat-manufacturer Corbin-Pacific because a four-hour motorcycle ride gave him an erection that would not…

11 years ago

Harley-Davidson and Brando Estate Settle Boot Suit

The estate of Marlon Brando and Harley-Davidson have reached a settlement in a civil suit over the use of the…

11 years ago

Jury Dismisses Suit Against Harley-Davidson Over ABS Indicator

A Sacramento Superior Court jury has dismissed a lawsuit filed against Harley-Davidson involving a 2009 accident that left one of…

11 years ago