2018 KLIM Cow Tag Off-road Event Recap Video

The annual KLIM Cow Tag Off-road Ride raises funds and supports trail advocacy groups to help keep trails open.  Begin…

2 years ago

Union Garage Announces Klim Pop-Up, Ride/Camping In Vermont

Union Garage hosting Klim's pop-up shop and inviting guests and friends to go along on a camping ride to Vermont

2 years ago

Klim Releases New Hydration Packs

Klim is rolling out a few new 2018 items from its hydration pack and gear bag lines with the Nac…

2 years ago

Klim Releases F5 Koroyd Helmet

Klim has released its new F5 Koroyd Helmet, which uses Koroyd technology to provide better breathability as well as impact…

3 years ago

Klim Releases New Dakar and Mojave Collections

Klim releases new Dakar and Mojave off-road lineup of jerseys, pants, and gloves.

3 years ago

Klim Kodiak Suit Is The Company’s High-Mileage Touring King

Featuring fully armored KLIM Technology to battle the weather, abrasion and travel’s most troublesome obstacles, KLIM’s Kodiak is the high-mileage…

4 years ago

Klim Launches New Carlsbad Adventure Collection

The company's new Carlsbad collection eschews novelty while embracing functionality

4 years ago

KLIM Releases “We Are KLIM” Video

Begin Press Release: We Are KLIM – Watch Our Story Our story starts in the heart of the Rocky Mountains.…

4 years ago

2015 Klim Badlands Jacket and Pant

Apparel manufacturer Klim updated its Badlands jacket and pant, promising a number of improvements for Adventure-minded riders. Klim first introduced…

5 years ago